The Discovery Sailing Centre Accreditation process

Sailability Dobroyd is very close to Australian Sailing accreditation. There are three other branches with three instructors and another four with instructors, they will be able to start applying for accreditation shortly.


Australian Sailing have approved a package of documentation required for accreditation this can be used by all branches seeking accreditation. In addition there is a small set of documents that are specific to each site.


Each branch will require a Principal Instructor who will own the accreditation process and the day to day running of instruction. This person should be an Australian Sailing qualified instructor. They will need to read and comply with the Australia Sailing Operating Standards and Guidelines. Review the branches Risk Tables from and instructional point of view. Adapt the site specific documents for the branch. Complete the YA4 Review Form. Prepare and book the branch for an Australian Sailing inspection.


Branch Discover Sailing Centres (DSC) Resources

Australian Sailing (AS) Discover Sailing Centre web page: -


Australian Sailing DSC Operating Standards and Guidelines


YA4 DSC Review Form (completed example in the conference pack or available by email)


Australian Sailing Application and Agreement webpage: -


Instructor Induction Checklist, this document is very important to the accreditation process as it links together all the paperwork required to meet the Australian Sailing Operating Standards and Guidelines:- Click Here